Write One Page Per Day – 113/365 – April 23, 2018

Continued from April 22, 2018

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“You are a bearer of the amulet. I must taste your flesh and bind your soul,” the voice said as the last bulb hanging over the center of the room began dimming.

“No!” Jeff screamed as he ran for the door.

“You can’t stop the darkness, Jeff. It resides in everyone.” The voice echoed.

Just as Jeff reached the door he heard it. A slithering sound from behind him. Refusing to let go of the statue, he instead chose to hit the door with his shoulder.

The first blow into the door sent a shockwave of pain through his body.

“Fear! My favorite flavor!” The darkness cried, giddy with excitement.

Jeff took two steps back, switched sides and hit the door again with his other shoulder. This time the door shifted from the blow. His left shoulder had withstood the blow better than his right, giving him confidence in the next hit. He took three steps back and rushed forward quickly, aiming for the same spot his had hit it before.

“No!” the voice bellowed as the old wood surrounding the door shattered from the impact.

Jeff fell forward, along with the door, into the bright light that filled the stairwell just outside. Scrambling to his feet, he ran up the stairs, and out another door that he found unlocked into what appeared to be the back stage of a theater.

“Amulet bearer, you’ll not escape me!” The voice yelled from behind him.

The building began shaking, causing dust to sprinkle from the ceiling. Jeff spied an exit sign hanging on the other side of the stage and ran for it. He could hear people yelling from other parts of the theater, but met no resistance as he hit the bar of the exit and plowed into an alley outside.

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