Write One Page Per Day – 118/365 – April 28, 2018

Continued from April 27, 2018

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Jeff climbed in the passenger seat of the SUV, keeping the statue in his lap as they drove away.

“I’m Kevin, by the way,” The driver said. “Sorry about breaking into your house the other night. Mario said it was really important to get you out of there.”

“Yeah, I hid when I heard you guys come in,” Jeff replied.

“You were there?” Kevin said, “Where were you hiding?”

“My bedroom closet, actually. The door to the bedroom covers the closet door when it’s open,” he said. “It probably didn’t help that I called the police.”

“Nah, I’ve dealt with cops before. We are usually quick enough that we get in and out anyway.” he replied pulling a pack of cigarettes out, “Do you mind?”

“It’s your car,” Jeff said, looking down at the statue as Kevin turned the vehicle to cross the Casco Bay Bridge. “We’re going to South Portland?”

“Mario wants to meet you out there. Thinks it’s a little too much attention in Portland right now for you.” Kevin replied before lighting a cigarette. “It’s not far, just a few minutes.”

“I don’t think I have much of a choice right now.” Jeff said, “To be honest, I just don’t want to go back to the theater.”

“It’s good, you’re safe now.” Kevin said, blowing a large cloud of smoke out the window, “Just relax and I’ll get you where you’re going.”

Once they were across the bridge, Kevin continued driving down Broadway until it ended, turning towards the college that sat down on the point.

“Are we going to the University?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah, we maintain a space down here. Mario wanted you brought here to meet with him.” Kevin said.

“How’d you get involved with all this?” Jeff asked as the thought crossed his mind. “How does anyone get mixed up in this?”

“Much the same as you. I had a cursed coin sent to me. Real nasty piece of business.” He said, pulling into the empty parking lot.

“A cursed coin?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah, a lot of bad people out there, you know? And even more bad objects. Once you know about it, your life never goes back to normal. I was a mechanic previously, now I work with Mario. Won’t touch money anymore though, so it works out for me. They pay my bills.” Kevin shrugged as the SUV stopped. “Here we are. He’s right through the door over there.”

Jeff looked where Kevin was pointing. A tiny door, barely visible accessed the bottom portion of the large building sitting in front of them.

“Are you coming?” he asked.

“Nah, I got some other work to do.” Kevin replied with a wink.

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