Write One Page Per Day – 119/365 – April 29, 2018

Continued from April 28, 2018

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Jeff climbed out of the SUV, pausing long enough to watch it leave the parking lot. He turned to look at the nearly hidden door situated on the side fo the building and sighed deeply.

“Are you still there?” Jeff asked, looking to the statue, “You’ve been cold this whole time.”

It warmed twice in his hands.

“Good I was beginning to get worried. We made it this far. I don’t know if you know where we are, but Kevin brought me to South Portland.” Jeff said.

The statue warmed twice again in his hands.

“Here goes nothing.” Jeff said, walking to the door. He knocked on it hard.

“Jeff!” A very tan man said when the door swung open. His dark hair and well-built frame made Jeff think he was actually larger than him.

“Mario?” Jeff asked.

“That’s me.” He smiled. “It’s about time you got here. Where’s Cindy? I thought you said you were together?”

Jeff lifted the statue in front of him, “Here she is,” he said.

This is Cindy?” He asked, reaching forward as if her were going to take it, but Jeff pulled it back.

“Can you help her?” Jeff asked.

“I don’t know, actually. We know this kind of thing can happen, but I don’t know that anyone has every had to reverse it.” Mario replied. “Come in! I’ll make some calls and see about getting Cindy back to normal.”

Jeff walked in past Mario to what looked like an unfinished basement with a small wood door at the far side of the room. It smelled like mud and salt water, but the air still felt clean as he breathed it. Mario shut the door and led the way across the room, opening the other door, which revealed a set of granite steps illuminated by LED lights strung down the ceiling.

“This used to be part of an old fort.” Mario said, seeing Jeff’s hesitation. “We’ve updated it, and made it our new home. The cultists won’t find us here.”

Mario walked down the stairs in front of Jeff in silence. Jeff wasn’t sure how deep the stairwell led, but he couldn’t see the bottom from where he stood, even with the illumination.

“This is too deep to be part of a fort.” Jeff said after a few minutes of descending.

“It is one of our forts. Not the forts that belonged to the military, but a fort from when our wars spilled out on the streets of the city. We had to develop these to keep evil things from find us, and once we defeated them, to keep them locked away.”

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