Write One Page Per Day – 120/365 – April 30, 2018

Continued from April 29, 2018

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Jeff thought about the wars Mario had talked about as he continued his descent. He felt curious about them, but had Cindy, and her current plight, on his mind. The statue had begun gently warming and cooling again, which made him feel more secure that she was okay. When he realized he could see the bottom of the stairs he felt a flash of excitement.

“Finally!” He said. “My legs feel like Jello.”

“Yeah, you get used to the stairs after a while.” Mario said, “But it gives us the opportunity to prepare in the event someone gets in that shouldn’t be here.”

They reached the bottom to reveal a large underground cavern that had been divided among a few groups of people. On the far side of the room there were bookshelves carved into the walls, and closer to him were several small sections with tents of varying sizes.

“How many of you are in your group?” Jeff asked.

“A few hundred thousand around the world. Here there are probably about a thousand or so between the local area and the fort.” Mario replied, “We should go to the lore keeper at the library. Hopefully, she’ll be able to help us with Cindy.”

Jeff nodded as he looked around at everything they passed. Everyone he passed either smiled and waved or nodded to him. He would nod back, but couldn’t bring himself to smile.

“Take a seat,” Mario said, pointing to a large table as they reached the far side of the cavern.

“Thank god!” Jeff exclaimed falling into a chair a the table. He thought about setting the statue on it, but decided to keep it in his lap instead. The warming and cooling of the statue was becoming familiar and comforting to him.

Jeff watched as Mario continued on his path, approaching an older looking woman with unkempt hair, pointed glasses, and what appeared to be a canvas beige dress. Mario spent a moment speaking before the woman hurried to a shelf and began pulling books off it.

“Mildred will be over in a few minutes.” Mario said as he returned to the table. “She’ll know how to get Cindy back to normal.”

At the moment Mario said Mildred, the statue in Jeff’s lap changed rhythm. It reminded him of a waltz.

“What’s got you smiling?” Mario asked.

“Cindy has been warming and cooling the statue occasionally since I found her. It’s warming and cooling to a waltz-like rhythm now, so I think she must be happy.” Jeff replied looking down at the statue.

“I would imagine she is happy. Mildred is her mother.” Mario said as the librarian approached carrying a precarious-looking stack of books.

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