Write One Page Per Day – 124/365 – May 4, 2018

Continued from May 3, 2018

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While they ate, Jeff told everyone gathered what he could remember about the layout of the theater. Over the course of the meal there were several questions about how he came to be in the fort, but Mario had quickly dismissed them.

“Everyone has his, or her, own story as to why they are here. You guys should respect that. It doesn’t matter why he’s here, only that he is, and we have the opportunity to help some of our own as well as some bystanders.” Mario had said.

Once everyone was satiated, they separated and all began their preparations to head to the theater.

“Come with me,” Mario said to Jeff as he rose from the table. “Leave your plate there, the cook will clean it up.”

“Where are we going?” Jeff asked, as he followed him.

“The armory,” Mario said.

Jeff opened his mouth to object, but Mario’s tone had told him it wasn’t an option. He had never used a gun before, and the thought of having one made him nervous. The short trip was filled with anxiety, driven mostly by his imagination of what it would be like to be in a gun fight.

“Gabe, you in there?” Mario called as they approached a small tent.

“Come on in, Mario,” A woman’s voice answered.

Mario led Jeff through the flap to reveal a small woman, dressed in denim jeans and a T-shirt. The tent had a series of shelves sitting side-by-side filled with books, beakers, and herbs. Jeff noticed immediately the lack of weaponry available to them. There was also a small coffee table with four chairs around it. He hoped Mario had changed his mind.

“Jeff, meet Gabriella.” He said.

“Call me Gabe,” she added, extending her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Gabe,” Jeff said shaking her hand as he looked around hopefully. “I thought this was an armory?”

“This is the best kind of armory!” Gabe retorted, pulling a book down from a shelf, before pointing to one of the chairs. “Sit there, and I’ll show you.”

Jeff sat in a chair as Gabe sat on the coffee table. Holding the book in one hand, she read the page and used her finger to trace a pattern on his chest. She retraced the pattern two more times before placing her palm directly in the center.

When her palm met his chest a brilliant light illuminated the tent.

“Good! He’s a conduit,” Gabe said, looking to Mario who nodded.

“A ‘conduit?'” Jeff repeated.

“You can hold magic, just sit back and relax, this won’t take long.” Gabe said as she flipped to a new page and began tracing another pattern on him.

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