Write One Page Per Day – 125/365 – May 5, 2018

Continued from May 4, 2018

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Part 5 – The Truth

When Gabe finished tracing the patterns on him, Jeff looked at Mario with his eyes wide.

“Pretty amazing, right?” Mario asked, smiling wide.

“I don’t understand how this works.” Jeff said, “I feel lighter than a sheet of paper, but stronger than a tree.”

“Magic is a wonderful thing when it’s used the right way.” Gabe said, “Not everyone can use it, and fewer still can hold it, but the vast majority of the world is excluded from either of those categories.”

“Wait, I can hold magic? Can I use it – if I did the waving thing with my hands like you did?” Jeff asked turning to Gabe.

“We don’t have time to find out right now,” Mario said. “We’ve got to get moving if we are going to catch the cultists off guard. You got away only a few hours ago, so hopefully they are busy still looking for you.”

Jeff nodded. He was excited about the prospect of learning to use magic, but Cindy was more important than anything else at the moment. He had to get her back, whatever it took.

Gabe produced a satchel from a shelf and handed it to Mario, who thanked her before turning and leaving the tent. Jeff followed him out, through the camp, and back to the base of the stairs, which he looked up at with a stone in the pit of his stomach.

“I don’t know if my legs can handle a trip up that many stairs,” Jeff said without looking over to Mario.

Several people approached behind them, stopping and talking quietly.

“We aren’t going that way,” Mario said, “Look down.”

Jeff looked down as Mario kicked some dirt away from the edge of the steps. A thick band of white stone moved in an arc between two points where the dirt still sat.

“This is how we go up and down,” Mario said with a smile, “I couldn’t use it to bring you down before because teleportation is generally a shocking experience for newbies.”

“Telepor-” Jeff said as Mario bent and touched the white stone.

The world sucked in on itself. Collapsing down into nothing. There was only blackness, and a cold that he felt in every atom of his body. The experience lasted only a fraction of a second before everything suddenly expanded again, revealing the room at the top of the stairs. Jeff’s stomach turned violently, making him feel sick.

“You okay?” Mario asked as Jeff held up a finger as he darted to a corner of the room where the food he had recently eaten evacuated itself from him.

“That happens sometimes when you’re not used to it,” Mario called from behind him. “Take your time, we’ll be just outside waiting .”

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