Write One Page Per Day – 126/365 – May 6, 2018

Continued from May 5, 2018

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Jeff recollected himself once his stomach was done being emptied. He felt better, but the effects of traveling still hadn’t worn off.

“It’s like my brain can’t process what happened,” Jeff said when he emerged from the door. The ocean air felt good on his clammy skin.

“Yeah, that happens to most people the first time. You get used to it.” Mario replied with a shrug. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Jeff replied.

“Let me introduce you to the team then,” Mario said motioning to the five people who had come with them, “That’s Adrian, Lucas, Maria, Joan, and Hal.”

Each of them nodded as Mario introduced them.

“Adrian has a unique talent for getting into trouble,” Mario began explaining, “He and his brother Lucas were once professional thieves, before they joined up with our ranks.

“Maria is our powerhouse, the only one in the camp other than Gabe who can use magic. She insisted on coming, just in case we had to get out quick.

“Joan and Hal are married, they are historians of a sort, specializing in our world primarily. Do you have any questions?” He finished.

Jeff shook his head, which still felt like it was in a fish bowl.

“Good, let’s get to the car and you can give us directions to the theater,” Mario said.

Jeff walked in the midst of the group, watching how none of them showed fear. He kept getting flashes of the room from memory, and the way the voice had sounded. A shiver ran up his spine just as they reached the SUV.

The drive was quick and simple, taking only fifteen minutes to reach downtown Portland. Where he directed them to the end of the alley where he had come out after escaping whatever it had been that had tried to kill him.

“It’s in there,” Jeff said as the vehicle cruised past the top of the Old Port, “It’s in the bottom of the theater down there.”

Mario pulled the car over, parking in near a hotel that sat around the corner. No one moved to open their doors when the vehicle shut off, instead Mario turned around and began addressing everyone.

“Keep your eyes peeled for the cultists, and no one goes anywhere alone. Maria, you stay with Jeff and Me. The rest of you know what to do.” Mario said, his voice as serious as Jeff had ever heard it.

Everyone nodded in response and climbed out of the vehicle. In a matter of seconds everyone but Maria and Mario were gone. Jeff looked at the pair, standing side by side, seeing an uncanny resemblance.

“Are you two-” Jeff began.

“Brother and sister, yes,” Maria said, cutting him off. “Our parents thought it was cute to name us because we’re paternal twins.”

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