Write One Page Per Day – 128/365 – May 8, 2018

Continued from May 7, 2018

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The cultists eyes were dark and focused, while his body moved unnaturally fast in Jeff’s direction. Jeff stepped back, suddenly unaware of where Mario or Maria were in that moment. A surge of panic rose in his chest like a lightning bolt had struck him, paralyzing him with fear.

The cultist ran over the median, and into the closer side of the four-lane road that separated them. A shriek filled the air as a car, travelling too fast slammed on its brakes, locking it tires up, skidded into the cultist. Jeff watched as the man was pulled under the car, twisting in ways that turned his stomach.

The car stopped with the cultist still under it. The driver got out, visibly shaking, crying and screaming.

A hand landed heavily on Jeff’s shoulder snapping him out of his fixation on the scene before him.

“It’s time we left,” Mario said behind him. “That’s not going to stop him long.”

As if on cue, the car began vibrating and jostling as Jeff watched the cultist under it twist, undoing the damage the car had done to him. The driver, confused and afraid, looked under the car before getting up and running down the street screaming, abandoning his car.

Jeff started walking with Mario back around the corner to the SUV where everyone was waiting. His mind was caught in a cycle of replaying what he had seen happen to the cultist. He felt like something was off, but his mind wouldn’t process all the information presented to him yet.

He allowed himself to be shepherded into the vehicle, and when everyone else got in they left, heading back through Portland toward the bridge.

“That was awesome!” Adrian yelled, punching the ceiling.

“Calm down, Adrian,” Mario said, “I think Jeff might be in shock. Could you check on him?”

“I’ll do it,” Maria said, turning around in the passenger’s seat before she slapped him gently on the face. “Jeff? Hey, Jeff! Are you okay?”

Jeff’s mind was still being flooded by images of the accident. The way the cultist had looked going under the car, and the way the driver had screamed before running down the street.

“Wha- What happened?” Jeff asked, “Did we get what we needed?”

“We got it alright!” Adrian cheered, patting the rolled up carpet in his lap.

“How? I didn’t even get inside with Mario or Maria. How did you get it? How did you find the stairs that led down?” Jeff began, hyperventilating.

“Whoa, buddy! Calm down now! You’ll be okay, everything will be explained, I promise.” Hal said. “This isn’t the first time we’ve had to steal something from a group of dangerous individuals.”

“What about the darkness? Did you see it? Was it still there? Did it try to get you?” Jeff continued.

“Maria? Can you help him?” Mario asked.

“Relax, Jeff,” Maria said as he hand touched his face.

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