Write One Page Per Day – 129/365 – May 9, 2018

Continued from May 8, 2018

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Jeff awoke some time later back in the fort beneath the university in South Portland. At first, his memory was hazy as to what had occurred, but it came rushing back to him in a torrent. He bolted out of the bed, rushing from the tent to the library, hoping to find Mildred, and also to see if Cindy had been freed.

When he arrived at the library he found the statue sitting on the table, but Mildred wasn’t around. He sat down and pulled the statue toward him. It was pulsing quickly at his touch. A warm smile spread across his face as he pulled the statue closer.

“You must be excited to get your body back, no doubt,” he said. “I know I would be. Your mother must be working out the best way to get you back right now.”

The statue continued to pulse under his fingers as he leaned back in the chair.

“It’s just a matter of time. We got what she said we needed from the theater to change you back. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.” He said as his stomach growled, “Then I’ll bring you out for dinner and drinks. We can go to the bar if you want, you can even bring Steve.”

The statue hadn’t slowed its pulsing, instead it pulsed faster.

“What is going on?” Jeff said, pulling his hand away as the statue suddenly blazed against his hand.

It was at that moment, blowing on his barely burned hand that Jeff noticed the quiet in the fort. The last time he was here, there had been a constant hum of activity as hundred of people went about their respective tasks. Now the place was so silent he could hear his heart beating in his chest.

Jeff reached out for the statue as he stood from the table, pulling it to his chest. The far end of the cavern, where the only exit he had seen sat, was beginning to grow darker. His stomach twisted in anxiety, but he felt petrified, unable to look away from the growing darkness.

“Oh, no.” Jeff whispered, feeling a chill pass over him. The amulet warmed slightly under his shirt as the statue continued to pulse. He had felt this feeling of dread before, he recognized it instantly. “It’s here now.”

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