Write One Page Per Day – 131/365 – May 11, 2018

Continued from May 10, 2018

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The darkness swirled around Jeff, washing over him like a wave of pure ice. He felt his muscles get stiff as the high-pitched laughter cackled around him. He stopped walking and waited. His breathing was regular and there was no longer fear, even in the back of his mind.

The slithering came next as something moved in the darkness.

“Are you not going to run?” The voice asked.

“I don’t need to run.” Jeff replied.

The amulet warmed against his skin as the slithering grew closer.

“If you plead for your life I may spare you, amulet bearer,” the voice said, as the slithering grew closer. “I do love it when people get creative with their pleading.”

“I’m not going to plead,” Jeff said, feeling the amulet and the statue in his arms both match a warming vibration in unison.

“You are taking the fun out of this,” The voice said from just behind him. He could feel the cold breath on his neck. As much as he felt calm, the cold made the hair on his skin stand on end.

“I’m not here for fun,” Jeff said, closing his eyes.

There was a calm that fell over the him as he felt something scaly against his arm. The slithering was all around him. He felt the sudden constriction of the creature, squeezing the statue into his stomach.

“Your body is mine,” The voice said. It sounded relieved and almost giddy in Jeff’s ears.

Jeff opened his eyes and let out his breath.

“No,” he half-whispered.

The amulet and statue both flared with heat and light exploded from them. The creature holding him screamed as it released him, recoiling from the light. Jeff looked down at his hands and found that he couldn’t see or feel any of his body.

“What trick is this?!” The creature hissed at him, trying to hide behind a tent.

“I am the light,” Jeff said as he walked forward. He wanted the tent to move so he could see the creature more clearly. To his amazement, the tent collapsed revealing the owner of the voice in which he had been so afraid.

The creature resembled a snake, but not wholly. It was seventy-five feet long, made up of various body parts from its past victims. A thin, near transparent skin covered every inch of the body. Jeff’s eyes traces the form back to the head of the creature to find that it had what looked like a deformed human head with large fangs and glass black eyes. The face was contorted into a grimace, staring death at him.

“My name is Jeff Bezose, and I declare that you will return to the realm of your origin!” Jeff bellowed.

“You have no control over me!” The creature hissed in return, moving further from him as he advanced on it.

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