Write One Page Per Day – 132/365 – May 12, 2018

Continued from May 11, 2018

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Jeff continued walking toward the abomination of a snake that ran from him. He felt another consciousness within him, emanating from where the amulet had once sat on his chest. It willed him to continue forward.

“You will not remain here,” Jeff said as the snake continued to attempt to hide.

The creature doubled back, looking at him with its dead eyes, “I’ll kill you! Your body will be mine, amulet bearer!”

As the creature lunged for him, the world froze in place. Jeff saw everything as though he wasn’t in his body. Everything the light touched had become his senses. Somehow, he knew the amulet had pushed his consciousness into the light itself, he felt a surge of panic at being outside his body, but then he heard her voice.

“Don’t be afraid, Jeff,” It was Cindy. He could hear her as though she were inside him.

Jeff nodded mentally, not fully sure of what was happening. When the world started moving again, Jeff’s perspective didn’t change, instead he watched the snake resume its path toward the body of light before it.

The body lifted a single hand as the snake flew through the air. The snake slammed into an invisible wall, sending black sparks flying in every direction. The creature screeched in agony from where it lay.

“You are not my master! You are not Jaiva!” The snake bellowed, “You cannot do this to me!”

Jeff watched as the body moved forward, bend down and gently grasped the snake right behind the head. There were no sparks, or screeches of pain, only weak, dead eyes that looked into the light.

“I am Jaiva, Frakio,” The light said, “and I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

The snake began to cry, oozing black tears from its lidless eyes. Its body shuddered and began to shrink as more of the black ichor seeped from it. In the span of no more than a few minutes the abomination shrank to the size of a large garter snake and curled up in the light-being’s hand.

“It’s time to go home,” the light said, “so the humans can shed light on the darkness you’ve spread.”

The light-being closed its hand around the snake and suddenly Jeff was sprawled on the floor. The cavern was still dark, but it wasn’t the same cold that the snake had made. He reached for the amulet, but found that it was missing from his neck. His body felt worn out and abused.

A wave of exhaustion passed over him and just before he closed his eyes he heard Mario’s voice, “Jeff!”

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