Write One Page Per Day – 134/365 – May 14, 2018

Continued from May 13, 2018

#AmWriting #Fiction #IndieAuthor

“That’s insane!” Mario said as Cindy finished her story.

“I have a few questions for you, Mario.” Jeff said. “Like what happened to me in the SUV? Why was I alone down here? Where did everyone go?”

“Alright, alright,” Mario said putting his hands up defensively. “Maria used a bit of magic to put you to sleep. We drove back here, brought you down and set you in the tent. Everything was fine until Mildred began working with the rune formulas on the carpets.

“The carpets were on the table, Mildred had worked out what she needed to do to bring Cindy back and had started setting it up. I was helping her gather things she needed when I suddenly found myself outside, then everyone else began popping up out there. It was as though we were being ejected from the fort.

“You must have woken up just after all that had happened, because it only took us ten minutes to force our way back in and get down here.”

Jeff got to his feet, looking around the cavern. “Then it’s over?”

“It would appear so.” Mildred said stepping forward. “At least, that part of it is. I think you and Cindy might have some talking to do.”

Everyone in the group was smiling now as Cindy cast Jeff a sideways smile. His heart skipped in his chest when she reached over and took his hand.

Life as he knew it had been torn apart, but somehow he looked forward to the new life he had started with this crazy group of people.


The End

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