Write One Page Per Day – 138/365 – May 18, 2018

Continued from May 17, 2018

#AmWriting #Fiction #IndieAuthor

Nurse Coleman held the tiny bundle of wiggling blanket out to Marcus. With shaking hands he took the boy and looked down. He felt a swelling of pride and love looking into his sky-blue eyes. His world faded out, silencing the noise of the other babies, as the only thing he was aware of was the baby in his arms.

In that instant, looking down at his son, he understood that every second previous he did not understand what love was, not really. He loved Gail, he knew that, but what he felt for the child he held made everything else in the world seem unimportant.

Marcus was unsure how long he had stood there when a tap on his shoulder brought him back to the room he was standing in.

“Mr. Higgins?” Nurse Coleman asked.

“Sorry, yes, how can I help you?” Marcus replied, blinking tears he didn’t know were there out of his eyes.

“Gail is awake now. We’d like to bring the baby to her.” She said, “Would you like to come as well?”

Marcus nodded, “Can I carry him?”

“Of course,” she replied, gently smiling.

Marcus looked down once again to see that Dylan had fallen asleep. His little squished face poking out from the blankets made Marcus’ heart skip.

“Nothing will ever be the same,” he whispered.

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