The Tumor

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I stood there by the table, barely hearing the conversation Samantha was having with the boys. I was distracted. Something about the combination of the overhead light dimming in perfect time with the gentle thrum of the dryer in the bathroom, barely audible, but sounding crystal clear in my ears.

I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in every fiber of my being. My eyes were locked on the filaments of the four bulbs glowing in the center of the fan. I had the overwhelming urge to run, but my body refused to move. It felt as though a disconnect had occurred somewhere along the way. My mind screamed to look away as the sound became louder in my ears.

I remember a faint snap, as gravity released me. The room tilted, slowly at first, then faster. I knew I was falling as my eyes left the light on the ceiling, I remember that much. Then the world went black.

It was as though the universe had suddenly stopped existing, only to be followed by the moment of creation. Lights, brilliant, shining, and multi-colored burst into view suddenly. I would have covered my eyes to shield them from it, but found that I had nothing with which to cover them.

I watched as the lights shifted from one color to another, seemingly without purpose, but within a pattern as well, until it just stopped. Everything suddenly held its position, not wavering or changing any longer, and seemed to hang there for an eternity.

As if the universe had only held its breath, everything began shrinking once more. Collapsing in on itself in the reverse pattern that I had witnessed previously, up until everything became a single point that winked out of existence as quickly as it had arrived.

I was swallowed by darkness. Longing to return to Samantha, David, and Gabe. I could feel it in the deepest recesses of my mind that something was changing, getting better, but I wasn’t sure how to pull myself from the void. I felt lost…

Then the light returned. Not as bright as before, but it assaulted my eyes nonetheless. This time my hand moved to block it. My arm stopped, frozen in the air above my face and I turned it over slowly, inspecting it as though it were the first time I had ever seen it. It felt real, but also like a dream.

I could hear voices now, people talking hurriedly, in panicked tones. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I knew that they were concerned. I tried to turn my head, and in that moment realized that I had a brace strapped around it.

My eyes drifted slowly to the right to see my boys, bickering and prodding each other as always. Their faces still had the traces of fear, but they were working diligently to distract one another.

When my eyes moved to the left, Samantha’s beautiful face stared back at me. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were red. I could tell she had been crying, but it was her weak smile that sent tingles through my whole body. The way the corner of her mouth turned ever so slightly brought the longing for her to a whole new level. I reached for her, feeling her skin in my hands as she leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead.

When she returned to the spot beside me, I saw them. The doctors and nurses. The machines, tubes, and wires. The fluorescent lights and the ceiling tiles. They talked quickly as they rushed around me, poking and prodding me before they wheeled me away. Away from Samantha, David, and Gabe. Away from the only people I wanted to see.

A nurse said something I couldn’t make out before she put a needle in the IV. The world returned to black once more.

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