Write One Page Per Day – 142/365 – May 22, 2018

Continued from May 21, 2018

#AmWriting #Fiction #IndieAuthor

Marcus looked on at Gail tickling Dylan as he swelled with love for them. He began laughing along with them, set down his camera and joined in the fray, only this time tickling Gail, who shrieked and rolled over.

Dylan was on his feet almost instantly, helping his father tickle his mother.

“Stop! I’m gonna pee! I’m gonna pee!” She cried through her laughter.

Marcus stopped, pulling Dylan back from her as she got up.

Her hair was in a beautiful disarray and her cheeks were red. Her eyes burned with amusement as she wiped her jeans off, giving both her husband and son a glare that said more than words ever could.

“You cheated.” Gail half-giggled.

“I took advantage of the opportunity.” Marcus replied, winking at her.

“Well, I am going to go to the bathroom, and then go grocery shopping. Does anyone want to come with me?” She asked as she turned toward the porch.

“I think I’m going to stay here.” Marcus said.

“Can I stay with Dad?” Dylan asked as he ran up the porch.

“I don’t see why not.” She replied, rubbing the top of Dylan’s head before she went inside.

A few minutes later, Gail came out of the house, car keys in hand, “Do either of you need anything special while I’m at the store?” She asked.

“I think we’re good.” Marcus said as he stood.

He walked over and gave her a kiss goodbye as Dylan slammed into the side of both of them, embracing them in a hug.

She left a moment later and Marcus returned to his chair while Dylan retrieved, and then played with, his baseball and glove.

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