Write One Page Per Day – 153/365 – June 2, 2018

Continued from June 1, 2018
#AmWriting #Fiction #IndieAuthor

“Everyone stop! It’s a trap!” Marcus bellowed as they reached the door.

Jack turned the handle and pulled the door open. Marcus followed, unable to break from his nightmare, as everyone crept through the building and down into the basement. He watched as Dylan took up the back, and vanished in the shadows.

“We shouldn’t be in here!” Marcus yelled as the scene moved forward.

Jack was at the front of the line when the explosion happened. The flames ripped through the wall, sucking the air from everyone’s lungs as the concrete wall broke apart.

Marcus watched in horror as Gail and Richard were crushed by a falling piece of ceiling, separating him from the other four and trapping them in the building as it burned. The smoke, combining with the dust of the falling building, filled his lungs.

He rushed forward and began pulling concrete from the blocked passage, ignoring the crumbling structure around him.

“Stop, Dad.” Dylan said from behind him. “It’s over.”

“You’re Mother!” Marcus screamed as he hefted another large piece of concrete to the side. “The others! They’ll die if we don’t help them!”

“I’m sorry. You weren’t supposed to make it out.” Dylan said.

Marcus froze. He turned quickly to attack as he screamed, but found the hall behind him empty. Another violent shock-wave tore through the building and he was thrown down the hall.

Marcus landed hard as a burning pain spiked through his shoulder. He looked down to see a piece of steel sticking out of his shoulder.

“I have to…” He said, dragging himself back toward the explosion as his vision blurred.

The smoke filling his lungs, combined with the blood loss, was too much for his body to handle and he lost consciousness.

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