Write One Page Per Day – 159/365 – June 8, 2018

The Party – Part 1

The loud music, clouds of cigarette and pot smoke, and the overwhelming smell of liquor filled the air at the party. Lee sat on the couch by himself, watching the other kids his age mill about, seemingly enjoying themselves.

“Hey!” Gabby yelled as she stumbled over to him. “What’re you doing?”

“Sitting here,” he replied only briefly glancing at her. Gabby was one of the popular girls at school. Her dyed-blonde hair was messy, and, in Lee’s opinion she looked skimpier than a whore.

“It’s a party!” She said, falling down next to him on the couch. “You should be partying!”

Lee didn’t look at her. The smell of alcohol wafted over him with each word out of her mouth telling him everything he needed to know.

“You looking for someone?” Gabby slurred, repositioning herself closer to him. “Your girlfriend?”

“No,” Lee said scanning the crowd as he shifted away from Gabby by a few inches, “My neighbor, Jessica. She wanted me to come with her tonight. She was nervous about coming alone.”

“You’re cute! You know what they say about nice guys? Are you a nice guy?” She giggled, putting her hand on his thigh.

Lee sighed, removing her hand. “That’s not for me to decide.”

Gabby went silent for a moment, her eyebrows knitted, “That’s deep!”

Lee shrugged and continued looking for Jessica, he hoped that she would come rescue him. Gabby moved closer once more, this time putting her head on his shoulder.

“You should take me home…” She whispered in his ear, though the music was loud enough he didn’t catch what else she said. He figured out what had followed when she kissed him on the neck.

He moved once more, this time standing up. He spun to yell at her, but the way she looked only made him feel bad for her.

“Alright, wait here,” he said. “I need to find Jessica, then I can take you home.”

To be continued…

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