Write One Page Per Day – 160/365 – June 9, 2018

Continued from June 8, 2018

The Party – Part 2

“Wait!” Gabby yelled, pushing herself up from the couch. “Don’t-”

All at once, everything stopped. The music cut off, the lights flickered twice before plunging the house full of teenagers into darkness, and everyone in the house stopped talking. If not for the smell of liquor and smoke that constantly barraged his nose, Lee would have assumed the party had just been a dream and he was close to waking up.

A flash of light outside turned everyone’s attention to the windows. As Lee turned to face the glass a tense murmur traveled through the room. The glass in the windows exploding, accompanied by the loudest, clearest boom he had ever heard, caught everyone off guard.

Everything moved at once. In their panic, the other kids at the party screamed and ran for the exits. Some people fell beneath the crowd, while others fought to get out the door. Lee’s forehead became wet as his heart pounded in his chest.

Where the hell is she? he thought.

“What’s happening?” Gabby asked, still holding onto his arm.

“I-I don’t know.” He replied, scanning the faces of the other teens as they passed. In the dark is was far more difficult to tell everyone apart as they moved. He saw a flash of dark-brown hair with the silver dove barrette holding a ponytail when someone turned on a flashlight, “Jessica!”

“Lee!” Jessica yelled back, trying to move across the current of teens.

A few seconds later, as the living room was about half empty, there was another flash of light, and another loud boom that sounded just outside the house. The kids that were in the doorway suddenly doubled back, pushing into the people behind them, trying to get back into the house.

To be continued…

The Party – Part 1

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