Write One Page Per Day – 161/365 – June 10, 2018

Continued from June 9, 2018

The Party – Part 3

Lee watched in horror as the flashes of light, accompanied by the violent shaking and flashes of light sounded just outside the house. Gabby and Jessica were still standing with him. Gabby had begun to cry and hold his arm tightly while Jessica looked around frantically.

“What’s happening?” Jessica asked, grabbing a boy by the arm as he ran back inside.

“Bombs!” The kid shouted, “There are bombs dropping everywhere!”

Lee pulled his arm free from Gabby, “What should we do?” He asked.

Jessica opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off as a blast tore through the house. The far corner of the house vanished in a cloud of fire and smoke. Splinters of wood, shards of glass, and bits of metal shot through the house. They were thrown toward the back of the house, slamming into the wall.

Lee struggled to his feet, pain erupting from all over his body as he moved. His ears were ringing, loud and high-pitched. The world around him didn’t make sense any more. He saw bodies strewn around the room, some of them whole, but most not. Smoke billowed from craters and piles of rubble.

The hole in the side of the house gave him a view of the once quiet neighborhood. No home had been left untouched. He could smell the dust from the concrete clouds and the sharp smell of something metallic. It lay in ruin as planes, barely visible, continued on their path through the sky. Bombs, rolling like thunder, could be heard in the distance, consuming everything they touched.

Lee collapsed from the realization of what had occurred. His home, his neighbors, his country had been attacked.


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