Write One Page Per Day – 162/365 – June 11, 2018

A Goblin Named Nok

Nok woke as the morning light hit the edge of the crater high above him reflecting off the various metals that had been embedded into the side to catch the sun. Vaxki, the goblin capital, was already bustling along with merchants setting up their stalls and the mad tinkerers pursuing the perfect item they needed to finish their creation.

Nok stretched, extending his green arms and legs as far as they could reach before scratching his long nose and rising from his sleeping spot next to the inn. Nibbles, his pet mouse, ran out of his bag and propped himself proudly in the crease between his head and his right ear.

“Did I wake you?” Nok asked as he reached up and pet him.

“Nok!” Gildriz shouted as the kitchen door to the inn whipped open, “The caravans are getting ready to leave! If you want some work, you should run and catch them!”

“Thanks, Gildriz! I’ll remember to give you discounts when I own a caravan!” Nok shouted with a sharp-toothed grin as he began running down the alley.

“Just come back alive!” Gildriz yelled after him.

Nok plowed into the street just as a wagon was crossing the alley. He reacted instantly, ducking under the wheel, pushing himself to the left into a barrel roll, and then back on his feet behind the cart as it continued on it way without so much as a backward glance from the driver.

He arrived in the square just as a caravan with a large covered wagon was just readying to leave.

“Wait!” Nok shouted to the caravan leader. “Wait for me!”

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