Write One Page Per Day – 163/365 – June 12, 2018

Continued from A Goblin Named Nok

A head turned slowly from the lead wagon, “Who are you? What do you want? We’ve a schedule to keep!”

Nok approached the caravan leader, a goblin with graying skin and a horrible scar on his right eye that had been poorly covered by a tiny patch. His good eye looked as sharp as ever, looking Nok over from top to bottom.

“I’m Nok, I was told that you had a job available. I’m sorry I’m late! I had to-”

“I don’t care why you weren’t here when we were loading!” The goblin erupted, “Get on! The great Patches’ Trading Company never misses a delivery!”

The wagon was moving before Nok could take a step. He ran at first, catching the last post to the siding and pulled himself up.

The wagon rocked violently as it moved down the street. The strapping straining to hold whatever cargo was held under the tarp. Three other goblins sat in the back of the wagon as well, two were hunkered down in one corner, whispering between themselves, and the other was in an opposite corner, looking curiously at Nok.

“Rule number one!” Patches bellowed from the front, “Never ask what we carry. Our job it to carry things from here to there, or there to here, not to question what we are delivering!

“Rule number two!” He continued, “If I catch you stealing anything from the company, or looking in the cargo for that matter, I’ll cut you down myself!

“Rule number three! I am in charge at all times! I don’t care what you do most of the time, but if I tell you to do something, you do it. No questions, no griping, no delay! Do you understand-erm, what was your name again?” He finished.

“Nok, sir!” Nok replied, scrambling over the tarp to the front.

“Don’t call me sir! My name is Patches! You may call me Captain, or Captain Patches, I won’t hear another name, do you understand, Nok?”

“Yes, Captain.” Nok replied.

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A Goblin Named Nok

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