Write One Page Per Day – 165/365 – June 14, 2018

Continued from June 13, 2018

“Knock it off or I’ll throw both of you worthless pieces of hassle off the wagon!” Patches yelled.

“Sorry, Captain!” Croz blurted as he scrambled toward Nok.

The other two, who looked on with wide, wicked smiles, stayed where they were. Nok expected Croz to come at him with an attack, but instead he slowed as soon as he was a few feet from him and sat down.

“You’re not too bad on your feet. I like you.” Croz said.

“Why’d you try to steal my pack and push me off the wagon?” Nok said, his body still vibrating from the tension.

Croz leaned over, reaching into his own pack, and pulled an apple out. He took a big bite of it and leaned back on his elbows as he chewed loudly.

“Just testing you.” He said casually between the loud smacking.

“I don’t appreciate it, don’t do it again!” Nok said, trying to look menacing.

Even with the welt from Nok’s kick tingeing the goblin’s skin a brown color, Croz appeared to be perfectly relaxed. He shrugged and took another bite.

Nok looked to the other two, hoping that they weren’t going to try something similar, but they were now talking amongst themselves. The two of them looked far more dangerous than Croz. They wore matching black leather outfits. One had a pair of matching gloves while the other had a pair of daggers whose hilts jutted out from either side.

“Don’t worry about Stabby and Grabby.” Croz said, “They only do what the boss tells them. They won’t mess with you.”

Nok remained a safe distance from everyone on the wagon. The wagon jostled on into the Vale where the road was far less pitted and would make for a smoother ride.

To be continued…

A Goblin Named Nok

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