Write One Page Per Day – 166/365 – June 15, 2018


A Brother’s Love

The cigarette trembled in Eric’s hand as he pulled a drag from it. The smoke felt good in his lungs. He could see Kyle out of the corner of his eye, but couldn’t look at him. His stomach was in knots and his heart raced in panic.

He rose from the stoop and stepped onto the sidewalk, he needed to think. He pulled another long haul from his smoke and flicked it into the street as he began pacing.

“It’s not a big deal. You’ll see.” Kyle said.

Eric looked at his brother and the panic flared to rage. He wanted to hit him, or protect him, or to understand what he had gotten them into, but he couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t hurt him just as much as he would never truly understand what was happening.

“Be quiet while I figure this out.” Eric said.

He looked at his watch.

Five minutes. I’ve got five minutes. How can I get us out of this in five fucking minutes? He thought as he paced once more.

The time ticked by, feeling like something had broken in the universe causing each minute to last an hour.

A car pulled up and Billy stepped out.

“You mother fucker!” Eric said moving toward him, but stopped when Billy produced his gun.

“Excuse me? You might want to calm down, Eric.” Billy replied.

“You brought my brother into this! How am I supposed to be calm? I already told you no.” Eric replied.

“Boss wants you. Told me to get you however I could.” Billy said, aiming the pistol at Kyle.

“Stop! Okay! I’ll go with you, but he stays out of it.” Eric said, putting his hands up and sidestepping back in front of the gun.

“Good, but boss wants him to come too,” he paused.

Eric turned to Kyle, “Come on, man. we have to go now.”

Kyle stood up, with a smile and got into the car.

I have to… Eric thought.

When he turned around Billy was still waiting, his gun lowered.

“Come on.” Billy said.

Eric nodded.

He turned toward Billy, grabbing his wrist as he twisted his body into him. He felt Billy’s wrist give under the sudden pressure and he heard a crunch as Billy went from surprise to cries of pain as the gun fell from his grip. Eric’s free arm came around the other side, bending on its way, and his elbow slammed into Billy’s face sending him to the ground.

Eric shook his head as he bent and picked up the weapon while Billy clutched his face with his good hand.

“You should have listened to me, Billy.” He said as he leveled the gun and squeezed the trigger.


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