Write One Page Per Day – 169/365 – June 18, 2018

The Presentation – Part 1

Teagan sat in the waiting room, feeling beads of sweat run down his temples. The air conditioning blowing ice-cold air from the ceiling did nothing for him. His stomach twisted a little further with each tick of the clock that hung on the wall.

Two minutes… he thought, looking at the time.

“You need to calm down,” Amanda said, putting her hand on his leg. “It’ll be good, I know it.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not the one going in there.” Teagan replied.

“What do you think is going to happen? You are going to speak with a few people, and we’ll go home. That’s it.”

“It’s the Board of Directors, Amanda,” he snapped, “they aren’t some small group of would-be inventors, it’s the people who run the company!”

“Getting short with me won’t help anything, Teagan.” She said, removing her hand. “You need to breathe, relax, and focus. Everything with be fine.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” he said, looking up at her.

The door opened and a small woman came through holding a clip board, “Mr. Kilan?”

“That’s me,” Teagan replied standing up and grabbing his bag. It felt heavier than before and he struggled to put the strap over his head.

“They’ll see you now,” the woman replied as she marked something on the paper.

He walked past her, taking one last glance at Amanda before he walked into the board room. Fifteen people sat at one end of a large table, each wearing expensive and uncomfortable looking suits.

“Mr. Kilan, I believe?” The man at the head of the table asked.

Teagan nodded as he set his bag on the table. “That’s correct, sir.”

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