Write One Page Per Day – 170/365 – June 19, 2018

Continued from June 18, 2018

The Presentation – Part 2

Teagan stood at the end of the table looking at the board members. His chest felt as though it may explode.

“You look familiar, Mr. Kilan.” Rebecca Attler, the Chief Finance Officer said, “Have we met before.”

“Possibly,” Teagan replied trying to stop his hands from shaking as he started on the clasps, “My wife used to work here.”

“Who was your wife, if I may ask?” Another member that Teagan didn’t know asked.

“Amanda. Amanda Fournier.” He replied looking back down at his bag as the first clasp opened.

“Amanda was your wife?” The CEO at the end of the table asked, “She must not have been very proud, not taking your last name.”

The CEO had a chuckled heartily and was joined by eight others in his laugh. Teagan felt a surge of anger push through his anxiety, refocusing him on what he was trying to do. The second clasp opened easier and he pulled the flap open, letting the bag fall around the steel box he had been carrying.

“Are you all set now?” The CEO asked.

“Wait,” Rebecca said, “Your wife passed in an accident, didn’t she? That’s why she doesn’t work here any more.”

“Amanda did die in the accident you set up, which is why I’m here.” Teagan said, all the nerves vanished at the mention of her accident to be replaced with fury. He pressed a switch on his side of the box and walked around the table to the people seated. “You all are responsible for her death.”

The CEO’s face turned red as the smile vanished from his face, “What did you just say? Someone get security in here.”

“It’s unimportant.” Teagan replied as a loud click echoed from the box. “Nothing matters now.”

The explosion from the box ripped through the room, sending shrapnel through everyone and everything in the room. The plate-glass windows shattered, sending glass raining on the street dozens of floors below. The flames set off the sprinklers.

Teagan lay on the floor, gasping for air when Amanda walked over to him. She looked down with a warm smile and bent setting her hand on his chest.

“Let’s go home.” She said as his heart stopped.

The End

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