Write One Page Per Day – 171/365 – June 20, 2018

The Warehouse

Felix walked through the warehouse carrying his cleaning bucket along to the far bathroom. The smell of oil and coolant clung to the humid air as he passed each towering shelf of car parts. The motion lights blared to life as he passed each row where a forklift sat at the far end. The sudden sound of metal falling to the floor made him stop.

“Hello?” He called out as he pulled an ear bud from his ear. He turned to look through the shelves. He knew he was supposed to be the only person there, so sounds of activity in the secure building would mean he would need to call the police.

He heard the sound of scrapping metal, as though it were being dragged across the concrete floor down one of the rows between him and the break room behind him.

He put his free hand over his brow to try to see if he could see movement, but saw none. He set his cleaning bucket down and walked toward the sound.

If something is shifting on one of the racks, He thought as he passed the first two rows, I’ll have to run the caution ropes across the ends and leave a note for Gail.

He looked down the third row and felt his heart skip. A man stood in the middle of the row wearing the usual blue jumpsuits Felix had seen hanging in the bathrooms.

“Hey man, you scared me! I thought I was the only one in here.” Felix said putting his hand on his heart.

The man turned slowly to face him. His skin was pale, and he held a jagged piece of quarter-panel in his left hand. Felix felt cold wash over the sweat that had beaded on his forehead, and a sudden sense of terror washed over him as the man took a step toward him.

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