Write One Page Per Day – 172/365 – June 21, 2018

Continued from June 20, 2018

Felix ran toward the room at the end of the hall, looking down the next aisle to check for more people. There was something there, but it wasn’t another person, it was the same man, taking another step toward him. He continued on his path, pushing himself further down the line, only to trip on the cleaning bucket he had set down in the path.

He felt the gravity let go as he fell through the air, watching the man in the third aisle take another slow step toward him. He landed on the concrete hard, his head bouncing off the ground sending a jolt of pain through his head. He scrambled to his feet, kicking the bucket out of his way as he continued.

Four rows left… he thought as he passed the next, seeing the man take another step.

Three… He was closer now. Almost close enough to touch.

Two… He was right next to him, the jagged piece of metal raised. His heart skipped as he pushed harder with his legs. He could feel the blood running into his left eye now.

One… The metal was on the downswing now. He felt his stomach twist as the metal hit the concrete right behind him and he slammed through the door into the next room.

The lifts lined the bay doors at varying levels of height. The sun came through the windows on the doors illuminating the space with dim, natural, light. He felt a sudden sense of relief as he peeled around the corner and saw the glowing exit sign above the door.

Then he heard it, the scraping metal again. He was running, but it was to his right. He turned his head just before he reached to door to see the metal descending. He screamed, knowing that this time it wasn’t going to miss.

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