Write One Page Per Day – 183/365 – July 2, 2018

Continued from Varis’ Various Verities (cont. P3)

I followed the old man to a small shack that looked as though it would fall over if a decent storm came through the area.

“Are you sure he lives here?” I asked, seeing the boards covering the windows, “This place looks abandoned.”

“Oh, he’s in there alright,” he said, “when the wolf took those kids and he couldn’t find where they had gone off to, he lost his drive. Good luck convincing him to follow you out there.”

“I don’t intend to have him follow,” I said as the old man began walking back to his home, “I intend for him to lead.”

I knocked on the door loudly, hoping that my words could convince him to aide me in my mission. I had to locate the wolf, if for no other purpose than to see more of it. I would need to collect information to better describe it to the people who would hear my story.

I heard the shuffle of feet on the other side of the door and then it went silent once again. Only three times, but each landed heavier than the previous. After the third knock I heard the muffled call of a man, “Go away!”

“I’m not going away, I need your help tracking a wolf.” I called through the door.

“I’m washed up!” he replied, “Find yourself another tracker!”

Clearly he’s going to need more convincing, I thought.

To be continued…

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