Write One Page Per Day – 186/365 – July 5, 2018

Highland Lake

Part 1

“Come on, Al!” Kelly teased as she barreled down the path toward the lake. She was barely sweating as the sun glistened off her skin. Her long, sun-bleached hair flowing behind her as she ran. “You’re going to miss it!”

A pale, stick-figure of a boy, followed her as best he could, but was failing to keep up with her. He tripped over random rocks and roots that stuck out of the ground almost as though they were purposefully raising out of the path on purpose.

“I’ll moving as fast as I can!” He called back as he passed a shirt lying in the path. It was Kelly’s. His heart skipped a beat.

She’s really going to do it? He thought.

His pace, though uncomfortably fast already, quickened as he discovered the jean shorts she had been wearing.

Her laughter echoed up the path as he pulled his shirt up over his head. His foot hit yet another root and, this time, he fell. He hit the ground hard, but quickly recovered. He moved his shirt so he could see and found that his face was only a few inches from a pink bra.

Alan scrambled to his feet and continued down the path, undoing his own shorts as he went. He kicked them off just as he passed a set of panties matching the bra.

He thought his heart may beat straight through his chest as he rounded a bend obscured by tall grass. The path finally broke from the black forest soil to the sand he had been longing for and he broke through just as his boxer-briefs came off. He tripped again, this time rolling forward and landing on his back.

“You’re so silly.” Kelly said standing over him in all her natural glory. “Let’s get in the water before someone sees us!”

He watched her go, transfixed by her. He got to his feet and walked toward the water. He was three feet from the edge of it when he heard the voices coming down the path.

“I’ll kill this kid.” A deep resonating voice said, “Look at this! I know these are hers!”

“I don’t know, boss,” a nasally, high-pitched voice replied, “There are a lot of teenagers around here. It could belong to anyone.”

Oh, shit! Alan thought as he turned hard and headed for a small outcropping of high grass twenty feet from him.

To be continued…

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