Write One Page Per Day – 201/365 – July 20, 2018

The Photographer

My camera pressed to my eye as I snapped picture after picture of the house slowly being reclaimed by nature. It smelled clean and natural, just a forest after a heavy rain. Not at all what I had expected seeing the wet decay of the building. Once the first floor had been photographed, I climbed the staircase, checking each step as I went to make sure I didn’t fall.

The beauty of the building was breathtaking as I explored the ruins of a time passed. I turned left at the top, walking slowly down the hall letting my flash illuminate the space. There was a sudden crack and my leg fell through the floor, sinking straight to my hip.

Pain screamed from my thigh as the wood sank into the muscle. I cried out as I felt the blood start running slowly down my leg. I turned the camera toward the hole and snapped a picture to look at my leg, My jeans had stopped any serious injury from happening but the wood had pinched my leg in place and I couldn’t pull myself from it.

I lay there, thinking of how to get myself out as the hall slowly became brighter. I looked up to see myself just outside of a room, they sky transitioning from black to rose-colored as the sun peeked over the horizon on the other side of the trees.

The light came through the window, illuminating the cracked plaster walls and earth covered tile floor. The claw-foot tub sitting in the middle of the room shifted slightly as the creature rose from its slumber.

It moved slowly, a hand on the side pulling it upright. My breath caught in my chest when I saw its bat-like wings that began flexing and extending. The creature stretched, yawning widely as it turned its head. It froze when it saw me, it’s face somewhere between curiosity and anger.

“Why are you in my house?” it asked.

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