Write One Page Per Day – 211/365 – July 30, 2018

Over the Bridge


The inscription on the statue depicting a fallen Christ surrounded by Saint John, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Mary Magdalene taunted me. Its words spoke of sorrow. I felt the sadness of the Virgin Mary for a moment. The sorrow of a parent who has lost their child.

My eyes moved to Saint Mary and I felt the anguish of the loss of one whom you loved deeply. The sadness of the loss of love. Real love. Not the superficial kind that hurts until the next fixation comes along, but the kind that burns scars into your heart if it leaves.

My eyes moved to Saint John. The only one not on his knees at Christ’s side. The one whose hand rested on his cheek as though contemplating life and its meaning.

I had to turn away. I couldn’t bear it any longer. I couldn’t let my thoughts be sidetracked beyond my mission.

I ran. I ran to the end of the bridge, narrowly avoiding the train into the alley beyond. A few doors down, across from his hotel was the man I was looking for…

My hand shook as I pulled the pistol from my pocket. I closed the distance between us as fast as I could, yelling his name as soon as I knew I wouldn’t miss him with the shot. I wanted to see him die.

“Jakob!” I bellowed as the people on the street began to notice my weapon and ran from me.

His eyes looked up at mine without even a remote sense of fear. A boom echoed through the cafe as pain exploded in my chest. My eyes looked over to see another man, sitting at a table to the left, the barrel of his gun still smoking.

I fell.

My gun fell from my hand as I hit the ground. I couldn’t hear the screams any longer. I could only hear my body screaming as it struggled for the oxygen it was no longer getting from my heart. My eyes rolled up, and in the reflection of the glass across the street, I saw the church.

Something blocked my view of the glass. Less solid than a person, but not exactly transparent.

“I failed you, Anna. I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t stop him.” I whispered.

She bend to my side and touched the side of my face. Her beautiful smile, calm and relaxed.

“It’s over,” she said as the world faded from view.

Only her face remained solid and clear. The pain stopped and we were together again. That is all that mattered. We were together again…

Original Photo by: Viktor Hanacek


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