Write One Page Per Day – 212/365 – July 31, 2018

Beyond the Fence


I had spent hours preparing for the journey. I knew that I would likely never see my home again, but I had to try. Great explorers had often traveled great distances in harsh conditions to discover things that they had never seen before. Today I was embarking on my great exploration journey.

I stepped out the back door, looking across the fields of grass that lay before me. Eveline would be here soon to accompany me. She would have the map. Our third member, Greg, had come down with an illness, so he wouldn’t make it for the start, but I was okay with it.

I heard the car pull in, the car door opened and closed and Eve came flying around the corner, bag strapped to her, water bottle in hand, and a huge smile stretched across her face.

“Don’t be too happy, Eve,” I scolded when she stopped next to me, “a lot of great explorations have failed, costing the lives of everyone involved.”

“Sorry,” she said looking down as her smile vanished.

“It’s alright. Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I asked.

“Yes, sir!” she replied saluting me.

I nodded to her and began walking. We spent hours walking through the fields in the blistering heat. Our supplies were holding up well, but I could see that the trip was beginning to take its toll on Eve. We took a small break under a tree where we enjoyed a nutritious meal of apple slices and water before resuming the mission.

We reached the end of the fields and found ourselves up against a large fence, taller than either of us.

“Where did this come from?” I asked, looking to Eve, “I thought you had the map, is this on it?”

Eve dropped her bag and pulled out the map. “Yes, this is on the map, sir, but there is an opening to the east we can make it through.”

A noise from behind told me that we were being followed by someone or something unseen. “We’re being hunted, we need to move!”

Even shouldered her bag once more and we ran down the fence, looking for the hole she had seen on the map. We came up on the break in the line and turned to go through just as our pursuer caught up to us.

“I don’t think so, mister.”

“You’re ruining our game, Mom!” I protested. “We need to go through the fence! It’s unexplored territory!”

“Maybe in a couple of years,” she laughed. “You’re still too young to go that far alone.”

“Fine,” I pouted, putting my hands on the chain links, looking out to the neighbor’s back yard. I knew I had been thwarted.

Eve walked up beside me, grabbing my hand and the fence. “It’ll be alright, Will. Someday we’ll explore it all…”

In that moment I knew that her and I would never be separated. We would go beyond the fence and never look back.

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