Write One Page Per Day – 213/365 – August 1, 2018


The music was louder than I had thought it would be. The smell of a few thousand people sweating and smoking was almost enough to cover up the perfumes and cologne in the room. The bass vibrated through my whole body with enough force that I couldn’t feel my heartbeat anymore.

Tony’s face glistened in the light from the stage. Her movements transfixed me as her hair whipped around and one corner of her mouth tilted into a smile. We had been at the venue for just under an hour listening to the opening acts perform. Tony’s favorite artist, 1N5AN1TY, was headlining.

The DJ stopped playing for a moment as it switched to house music, still loud and obnoxious, but Tony and I stopped moving for a second. Her smile told me everything I needed to know as she threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I felt my body respond to her touch and pulled her in tighter.

I lost touch with the crowd. Everything disappeared and it was just her and I in the world. Our hearts close to together. Until the P.A. system turned down and switched.

Tony pulled away, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Come on!” Tony yelled, pulling me toward the stage. “He’s about to go on!”

Off balance from our kiss, I fell, losing her hand just as the music started. The people swarmed around me, knocking me side to side, stepping on my hands, and made it all but impossible to get back up. I couldn’t hear her if she was yelling for me, but I knew that she would be looking for me.

A foot came around and caught me just under the jaw, and the world went black.

When I woke up, my entire body hurt and my ears were ringing. The smell of smoke and sweat still lingered, but seemed further away as my brain tried to identify a new more acrid smell. I waited a moment for my eyes to clear and found myself face to face with someone staring wide-eyed directly at me. Only something was wrong. They were too pale. They were too still. There was no light in their eyes.

My heart raced in my chest as the thought clicked in my head the person was dead. I freaked out, pushing myself backwards into another. I pushed myself to my feet as quick as I could finding a sea of bodies covering the venue floor. Blood was everywhere as the mangled remains of a thousand people attacked my senses.

“What did you-” Tony asked from behind me. “How did you-? W-what happened?”

I froze. It had gotten out again…




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