Write One Page Per Day – 217/365 – August 5, 2018

One Hell of a Bargain

“Come on, Samael, work with me here,” I said throwing my hands up. “You’ve got to give me something better than gold if this is going to work.”

“What do you want?” he asked, his eyes practically brimming with tears. “I offered you my kingdom, my power, my legions, and my wealth. What else could you possibly want?”

“I don’t know, you came to me, remember?” I replied, interchanging my fingers, “That girl isn’t going to live forever like you. I can set you up with her, but you need to give me something worth the reward.”

I watched as he reached up and scratched the back of his neck. His eyes darted around as though he were mentally taking stock of everything he had to offer in exchange for the girl he loved. A girl who belonged to me as well. His pupils narrowed as sweat beaded on his forehead. His hands began shaking as he looked up at me.

“Wha-What about-my soul…” he whispered. It had come out so quietly that any normal person wouldn’t have heard it, but I was no normal person.

“There we go!” I boomed, reeling back in my chair. “Now we’re talking! I thought it was you who always made the deals like this with other people. I thought you’d come to that answer much sooner, to be honest.”

I unfurled a scroll that appeared out of thin air and read through it quickly, ensuring everything was in order.

“There it is, Samael. Ten lifetimes with a mortal at the price of your soul. Pretty great deal if I don’t say so myself.” I said pushing the bottom of the scroll toward him.

“Ten?” he repeated.

“Yes, ten. I’m not a monster. Each one will be a century. You will spend it together, guaranteed. I’m not the snake you’re portrayed to be.” I scoffed, “Only need your mark at the bottom to seal it.”

He looked from the contract to me and back again.

“Fine…” he said, pushing his thumb into the paper.

The smell of brimstone and burning wafted past me as I snapped my fingers, sending him to his love.

“I finally did it,” I muttered as a twisted smile stretched across my face, “I got the Devil’s soul…”

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