Write One Page Per Day – 218/365 – August 6, 2018

The Promise


I felt it first. Like I always do when Aphrodite is sending me to Alice. I readied myself for whatever emergency I would be facing. The fog swirled in, surrounding me. When it cleared, I found myself standing in a church looking down on a huge crowd of people, some of whom I recognized. A gasp moved through the crowd.

Oh, shit…

Alice stood on my right, her dress more beautiful than any I had seen before. The bouquet in her hands a vibrant red. Her three bridesmaids were standing behind her, gawking at me.

Lyle, Alice’s fiance, rather soon to be husband, was on my left looking at me as though I had just shot his dog. His face was turning red and his eyes grew wide. I could see his hands clenching.

“Uhhh… Sorry… You guys look great!” I said, backing away slightly.

Alice rushed to me and grabbed my arm. “What are you doing here? I’m not in trouble…”

“I don’t know,” I whispered, throwing my hands up, “Aphrodite sent me. She doesn’t exactly tell me what’s happening.”

“You need to leave, now!” she whispered, pushing on me.

I turned to walk away but the fog swirled again, this time placing me directly between them.

You’ve got to be kidding me…

“You had better leave before something bad happens to you,” Lyle whispered.

“I’m trying…” I responded as I walked away.

The fog swirled and I appeared in the same spot as before.

“Why is this happening?” Alice whispered. “I’m Christian for Christ’s sake!”

“The promise I made… Remember?” I whispered. “Apparently, you’re in trouble…”

To be continued…

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