Write One Page Per Day – 223/365 – August 11, 2018

Continued from August 10, 2018

The New Kid – Day 1 (After School)

“Why are you two even here?” Shane snapped at Jeremy and Luke when they followed him out, “I didn’t tell the new kid that you two would be here.”

“You spent the last period of the day coming up with theories of what really happened over at Douglas,” Jeremy said making finger quotes in the air. “I just wanted to hear his theories myself.”

“Is he even coming?” Luke asked, “It’s been almost twenty minutes and he hasn’t come yet.”

“He’ll show up,” Shane replied looking back toward the door. “Why don’t you two go on and I’ll catch you up later?”

“What if he summons demons and you disappear?” Jeremy taunted, “Then we’ll never know…”

“Don’t be a dick, Jeremy,” Luke said, “Let’s just go. My parents aren’t home so we can play on the big screen today.”

“Fucking sweet!” Jeremy said pushing off the wall, “Good luck, Shane, hopefully you don’t disappear.”

Shane shook his head as he watched Jeremy and Luke walk down the path and around the corner. He frequently questioned why he was friends with Jeremy lately. THis was one such occasion for him.

“I don’t like that kid,” a quiet voice said from behind him.

“Jesus Christ, Kyle!” Shane snapped as he spun around, “Don’t sneak up on people like that.”

“Sorry,” he said looking down at his shoes, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ve been waiting for them to leave. That Jeremy kid makes me uncomfortable…”

“Yeah, he’s a dick sometimes, but he’s alright I guess,” Shane shrugged. “So what’re we doing?”

“It’s not safe to talk here,” Kyle said looking through the fence into the empty field, “Come to my house with me. It’s safe there.”

“Okay…” Shane said as Kyle turned and sped up the path.

Shane followed Kyle as he watched him randomly stop and peek around a corner now and then. He thought about asking, but decided if he thought it wasn’t safe to discuss things out in the open he wouldn’t get an answer anyway.

A mile and a half later they finally arrived at Kyle’s house. It was a simple house with a small porch and a garage big enough for one car attached to the house. Shane followed him as he went to the garage rather than the house.

“This way,” Kyle said as he opened the side door to the garage and disappeared inside.

Shane half-smirked as he followed him inside. “Isn’t all this cloak and dagg-what the hell?”

The walls inside the garage were covered in chalk writing, while the floor had a large painted diagram on it. Shane watched as the writing seemed to shift and give off a faint glow. A flash of movement drew his attention from the walls to a large desk in the middle of the room where Kyle was opening his laptop.

“Come here, I’ll show you,” he said, motioning to Shane.


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