Write One Page Per Day – 224/365 – August 12, 2018

Continued from August 11, 2018

The New Kid – Day 1 (Kyle’s House)

“Did you do this?” Shane asked, his eyes tracking from one marking on the wall to another.

Kyle nodded, “most of it. Some of it has shown up since I started…”

“This is crazy, man. I mean, what is all this?” Shane asked.

“Mostly occult runes and sigils of protection. Some of them warn me of intruders, others keep undesirables away.” Kyle answered, turning away from his computer. “I’ll explain it to you if you want, but I want you to see this first.”

Shane moved toward the desk, but his eyes were still darting all over the room and his jaw was a little slacked. It looked as though he had never seen the stars before and someone had taken him outside.

“I-” Shane said when he bumped into the side of the desk, pulling his attention down to where he was walking. “Sorry.”

“Maybe this’ll help,” Kyle said as he turned and waved an arm, “subsum.”

Shane’s eyes widened as the glowing letters and symbols began to vanish, one at a time, in a giant wave that swept across the room. He spun to follow it, mesmerized by what was happening.


“It’s only a small bit of magic. Nothing really impressive. It just hides things from view.” Kyle said, “Now about my theory on the football team…”

“Wait, you know magic? Magic isn’t real though,” Shane said.

“Can we focus, Shane. You said you wanted to hear my theories. I can explain whatever you want after, but for now I’d like to get your opinion on something that defies explanation.” Kyle said.

Shane suddenly felt like he was standing in class and the teacher had scolded him for distracting everyone. He cleared his throat and looked down at the screen. The still image on the screen looked like a black and white movie, but he recognized it as the inside of a bus.

“This is the security footage from the bus,” Kyle said as he pressed the space bar.

The video lurched forward. Shane watched the football team, complete with their equipment sitting in the seats laughing and playing. The coach sat at the front of the bus near the driver. The video suddenly went black as the time stamp marched forward. Eight seconds ticked by then the video came back, showing only the coach and the driver on the bus.

“Did you see it?” Kyle asked, “Right before the video went out. Did you see it?”

“No. What happened?”

“Here,” Kyle said as he slid the marker on the screen back, “watch the third window on the passenger side…”

The video played again, this time Shane’s eyes were locked on the window Kyle had pointed out. For what looked like a single frame a person’s face appeared in the window. Or what he thought was a person’s face, and it looked a lot like Kyle’s. Except for the eyes, which pointed directly at the camera.

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