Write One Page Per Day – 226/365 – August 14, 2018

Writing Practice – Frustration

“Why do you always look so sad?” Abby asked, snapping me out of my trance.

“It’s nothing,” I replied.

“Talk to me, Gabe,” she said, leaning forward, grasping my hands. “There is something going on in there. I’ve known you for too many years not to know when something is weighing down on you.”

“It’s everything, Abby,” I whispered. “It’s the world. It’s our country. It’s literally everything. The system is too broken. The people are too tired. Things are getting bad and I can’t help but think whether it’s going to be me or them fighting in the war that’s coming.”

“You are so dramatic,” Abby teased, “You need to relax and just let things go. Focus on them, and not the president or the state of the world.”

“Don’t you see?” I said, feeling my face get hot. “That’s the problem. I am focusing on them. Their future, everyone’s future. I can feel it coming. We, as a nation and international community, have put the state of our country and the world to the back of our minds for too long. Everything is broken now because we chose to ignore it!”

“It’s not-”

“It’s broken, God damn it!” I bellowed, “People work too hard to not be able to get by. People can’t even vote because if they miss the few hours of work they can’t afford their rent! People can’t afford to get even a cold now! People are starving and no one wants to do anything about it!”

Abby sat silently as I waited for her to comment. When she didn’t I continued.

“The world is run by money now. It wasn’t like that before, for my parents or their parents. The world used to be run by people. Now all we have is a few people making decisions for a select few. That’s why I joined an organization that will do something about it! I will be part of the change! I will make the world a better place for them, even if it kills me!”

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