Write One Page Per Day – 228/365 – August 16, 2018

The Woman in the Blue Dress

Jack woke with a start. His heart racing as he stuck to the sheets that had been soaked with sweat. He kicked his way free of the tangle of bedding surrounding him and threw his legs over the side of the bed. His hands shook as he searched for his glasses on the night stand.

He slid them on and stared at the red numbers on the face of the alarm clock. 3:35. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept through the night, nor could he remember how many times he had seen that time when he woke.

He walked to the bathroom, relieved himself and splashed water on his face to try to wake up enough to push the images of his nightmare from his mind. He had been plagued for months by the same dream. A woman in a blue dress, her voice reminding him of music, and her eyes a clear blue that looked into his soul, but it was her mind that drove him to follow her through his nightmares.

Each time he would follow her and they would end up deep in conversation. The conversations differed night-to-night, continuing their dialog from the night previous, but the end was always the same. She was ripped away from him by some unseen force and he would follow her. Trying in vain to go where she had gone.

He heard his cell phone ring from the bedroom as he stared at his tired eyes in the mirror.

Who the hell calls someone at three-thirty in the morning? he thought as he killed the light on his way to his phone.

He picked up the phone and looked at the screen to see UNAVAILABLE on the caller ID.

Furious about the hour of the call he hit the answer button on the screen and put it to his ear, “hel-”

“I need your help, Jack!”

He felt as though he had been pulled back into the nightmare as his voice caught in his throat. He froze, thinking about the countless times he had given her his number in his dream.

Is this part of my nightmare? he thought.

“Who is this?” he asked.

“Sophia,” she replied, “I’m sorry to call you so early in the morning, but I had no other choice.”

“This can’t be possible,” he protested.

“It’s very possible, Jack,” she replied, “I can’t explain it now, I don’t have time. Can you meet me somewhere?”

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