Write One Page Per Day – 230/365 – August 18, 2018


The gentle bends on the road became wider and wider as Jack struggled with maintaining focus on his journey. Sleep continued to prod him just behind the eyes. It comforted him, telling him that everything would be fine if his eyes closed.

Come on, Jack, you can shut your eyes for a second. It would say every time he blinked, making his eyelids a little heavier. You know it’s what you need, it teased.

He shook his head, fighting against the forces trying to take him away. It was only a few more miles.

Jack took a long haul off his coffee and rolled down the window.

“More air…” he mumbled as he repositioned himself to sit upright. His mind went through the defensive driving courses he had taken that told him to pull over and walk around the car when he was tired.

It’s raining, he thought, I would pull over, but I don’t want to get wet.

The speed limit increased from twenty-five to forty-five as he continued on. Each small hill relaxing him further as a bend appeared suddenly on the opposite side of each. His heart raced when he nearly missed the second turn and his tire slid off the shoulder.

Two miles…

The adrenaline fed him over the next mile where it returned to twenty-five.

It’s better that it’s slower here, just in case…

His arms felt like jelly now. They were weak as he continued through the curves, and he could feel them getting heavy. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this tired.

There’s Pat’s house. That’s where Ted lives. Almost there…

His body relaxed too much, his seat too comfortable, the road to straight, and his drifted off. He didn’t remember hitting the stone wall at the end of his driveway, or the airbags that hit him, but he did remember the sound of smashing glass, the scream from his wife as she ran out of the house, the smell of burning plastic, the flickering light, and the burning skin.

He had made it home…


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