Write One Page Per Day – 231/365 – August 19, 2018

Samantha’s Desires

Sebastian stood next to the door, waiting for the intruder.

We could keep him. Sam’s voice said. He could be ours forever, like the others before. The one’s you left behind.

No! I’ve worked hard to stop. We had to leave the last place because things were too hard. I don’t need to do it anymore. Sebastian replied.

Who is going to miss a criminal that broke in here? she replied, Just one more time, for me? I like watching you work…

I don’t want to though. I want to be better…

The handle jiggled from the other side as a smile spread across Sebastian’s face, Let me get you started, Sam said as the door opened to reveal a pale, skinny man with large discolored bags under his eyes.

“Hello,” Sam said, reaching forward before the man had the time to react.

She pulled the man down the stairs as his screams echoed through the house. It had been awhile since Sebastian had pursued his true passions. She would help rekindle the flame and watch him work.

I’m not sure about this, Sebastian thought, what if someone hears his screams?

“We’re fine,” Sam said, “the closest neighbor is almost a tenth of a mile away. You’re going to have some fun tonight.”

Sam picked the man up and set him in the chair in the back room of the basement. When he tried to move she swung hard, connecting with a sickening crack into the man’s face. His jaw had broken and he was knocked out.

Your turn, my love, Sam thought as Sebastian suddenly felt the throbbing of pain in his left hand. The smile was still on his face as he looked around the room spying all his favorite tools.


You can’t resist what the heart wants forever, Sebastian. We both want this…

He walked around the man to the table behind him and reach for his favorite knife. His eyes narrowed the moment he felt the smooth finish on the handle. He turned to face his canvas, feeling adrenaline for the first time in months.

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