Write One Page Per Day – 233/365 – August 21, 2018

A Brother Lost

Alex walked among the gravestones that stood silently, marking the long-forgotten soldiers. The wind came from the north with a chill riding on its back. A shiver ran up her spine as she reached the plot she was after, the name already beginning to wear on its face:

Claire Hartlord
Beloved Wife and Mother
1952 – 1993

Alex felt a twist of her insides as regret and loss washed over her. The tears came freely as thoughts of her brother came to the surface. Her chest could have torn open and she wouldn’t have noticed a difference as her breath came in large, gasping heaves.

“He’s gone, mom,” she cried. “He’s all I had after you and dad died. I told you about Feralon, and Liam running. I told you when we brought him down and brought balance back to the Order. I even came after we dealt with the necromancers, if there was ever a time for you to talk back, it’s now. I need help. I can’t find him on my own…”

Alex’s legs gave out and she fell into a crumpled heap on the grave. Her body shook as she cried and the loneliness saturated every fiber of her being.

The wind shifted. It came from the west, as though in response to the broken girl crying in the cemetery. It wrapped around her like a warm blanket, or a hug from a lost loved one. With the warmth came a feeling of calm that she hadn’t felt since Liam had vanished in the Archives more than a week ago.

Alex pushed herself to her feet and turned to look at the skyline of New Roth City. Suddenly the thought struck her, there was still one place she could go to find her brother, Kellin. A wave of sickness washed over her as she thought of him, and his lackies, eating the rotten remains of the corpses left behind by the necromancer.

As disgusting as they are, they are more than resourceful, she thought.

A hand landed on her shoulder and her scream shattered the silence of the cemetery. She spun to see Verlian, the man she had come to think of as a father, standing there with sad eyes, “We know where he is…”

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