Write One Page Per Day – 236/365 – August 24, 2018

Into the Garden

The air smelled of lilacs and lilies as Alex walked down the path toward the old mansion. The sound of her shoes crunching the gravel beneath her feet cutting through the sounds of the chipmunks and birds that roamed the area.

Coming upon the wall of ivy she sought she began parting the vines to find the door. Memories of her parents playing with her and her brother came and went in her mind as her hands touched the rough stone over and over until she felt wood.

She looked through to the old blue door with its peeling paint and felt a pang of longing. She pressed the latch and pushed hard to unstick the door that hadn’t moved in nearly twenty years. It gave way suddenly, and she fell over, landing roughly on her hands before freezing in place, staring at the ground.

She felt stabs of fear as she looked at the dirt beneath her. She had come here, found the door, and gotten inside, but found herself doubting if she could handle where she was. For a moment she considered backing out without looking up, but the sound of something cracking made her eyes shoot upward.

The sound had come from a squirrel nestled on a tree branch just above the old swing. Alex’s breath caught in her chest as she looked around at the old garden, overgrown and unkempt. Yet as she looked she saw that the plants, while unmanaged, still bloomed and filled the air with the scent of their flowers. Tears escaped her. It was her mother’s garden.


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