Write One Page Per Day – 241/365 – August 29, 2018

The Cave

I could smell the earth. The sound of dripping water, descending through the soil from somewhere unseen, landing in a little pool nearby. The steady rumbling of the mountain above me. Earth. Water. Rumbling. Dust puffing up in strange little clouds in front of my face when I opened my eyes. I could see because of the light coming off the walls of the cave, every inch of it. It wasn’t a bright light, but enough for me to make my way around.

I don’t recall feeling pain or fear, just a sense of awe as I looked around the cave. Strange objects were everywhere. Objects not natural to this world. I remember picking up a small box with a bright orange jacket on it. Rations spelled in bold block letters on the front. My stomach growled as I tore into the brick of food and ate until I couldn’t anymore. The brick tasted like sawdust, but I didn’t care. My teeth sank into it as fast as they could. I choked at one point and had to go to the small pool of water for a drink.

I stayed in the cave, close to the strange objects made of food, for an unknown amount of time. I didn’t have the sun to track time down there, but it felt like a month. After a time I grew bored with my tiny existence and chose to explore, leaving trails for me to return safely. It was there in the dark that I heard it. Someone was talking, barely above a whisper.

“These are the coordinates we found. He has to be around here somewhere,” a woman’s voice said.

Her voice was familiar and comforting, but also terrifying. She would be dangerous for me. She wouldn’t hurt me, but someone else. My heart raced as I ran back to my safe place. Back to my light and my food. Away from the man who would hurt me, the man with the glass eye…

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