Write One Page Per Day – 243/365 – August 31, 2018


William’s eyes fell to the floor, shame filling his heart as he processed Belle’s confession. He loved Genevieve. Every fiber of his being cried for her when they were apart. He would never live another day without her, that much he knew.

“Why do you want her so much?” Belle whispered, tears running down her face.

“I love her, Belle. More than anything in the world. Do you understand that?” William asked, “Just the thought of her makes my insides swell as though they may burst. The sight of her makes my heart skip. She’s perfect in every way.”

“What about me? What about everything we’ve been through?” she asked, “Have I wronged you so, that you would just cast me aside?”

“I care for you as well. Just not in the same way,” William said, “I have always cared for you. Since we were children playing in the woods, jumping over rocks. You can’t expect that I should give myself to you because you professed your feelings for me-”

“I opened my soul to you!” Belle screamed, collapsing to the floor.

William reached out and caught her, “I love you too, Belle, but I intend to marry Genevieve. I am not casting you aside, nor am I leaving her. She adores you as well…”

“She hates me. She confided that hatred to me not three days ago,” Belle said, refusing to look at him, “She intends to take you from me, and now she’s won…”

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