Write One Page Per Day – 244/365 – September 1, 2018


I had tried thrashing around a bit, shaking the car, but the driver had cut the wheel making me slide headfirst into the wall of the trunk. I couldn’t kick, and the gag was expertly installed. The car trundled down the road for another ten minutes before skidding to a halt as my bladder threatened to rupture from the movement.

I heard the trunk pop and felt two sets of strong hands grab me by the arms.

“Hey guys, I really need a favor…” I said through the gag, though they had heard “Hmmm mmm, mm hmmm mmm m hmmm…”

I turned my head from side to side repeating, “I need to pee” in gag talk. Their lack of interaction, I thought, was kind of rude, but hey, ‘you’re not supposed to talk to the victim.’ I get it…

They stopped dragging me a moment later and dropped me onto what felt like a thousand little pokers. The mask came off after a few seconds revealing tree canopy and two angry looking men.

“Welcome, Henry,” a voice said from behind me. I’m not sure I could have rolled my eyes harder as I pulled as much air through my nose as my lungs would handle.

“I REALLY NEED TO PEE!” I bellowed in the gag speak.

“Can someone take the gag out of his mouth?” the voice asked.

The bigger of the two guys bent down and pulled the gag out, my mouth was instantly open, “Thank you! Please, guys, I need to pee! Like really bad. Can you help a guy out, it’s been like twenty-five minutes!”

I saw the guys look at each other confused. I tried to roll over to look at the guy who was apparently in charge, but the movement made me need to go more.

“Guy in charge, whoever you are, can you please let me go pee. You have no idea how-”

I was cut off by a boot to the belly. It was the big guy, that son-of-a-bitch…

I’ll admit it. I peed. There is no denying it. I don’t know anyone who can hold a full bladder through a kick to the stomach.

“Great! Now I’ve pissed myself,” I said tilting my head down to look at my pants. “You guys are rude kidnappers. Who taught you to abduct people any-”

Another kick to the stomach.

“You’re going to die today, Henry,” the voice behind me said. “I’m going to kill you slowly, taking an inch skin at a time until-”

“Can I get some new pants?” I asked, “I’m really not into the whole ‘torture while covered in pee thing,’ I know there are some guys into it, but I’d prefer-”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” the voice snapped, “Do you realize what’s happening right now?”

“Can you come around this side?” I asked as my ribs throbbed, “It’s hard to keep track of who’s talking when I can’t see you…”

To be continued…


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