Write One Page Per Day – 246/365 – September 3, 2018

continued from September 2, 2018

Gwen’s car came crashing through the saplings that surrounded the area straight into the clearing. It was easily in the top five of the most beautiful things I had ever seen while tied up. Her beautiful auburn hair, her fierce eyes, and the look of unbridled rage on her face is the stuff that makes dreams.

I could hear Tiny Man running behind me as the two big guys stepped forward. I didn’t know what they were hoping to accomplish against her Jeep. I mean they looked all tough, but the hood of that car definitely looked tougher as it slammed into one of them. The other was, unfortunately, smart enough to jump out of the way as his friend was pulled under it.

Gwen slammed on the brakes and threw the shifter in park as she opened the door.

“You dumb son-of-a-bitch!” she bellowed as she walked around the door, staring death directly at me. “You got yourself taken? Really?”

She pulled a knife out of her pocket and opened it as she got closer.

“Kill her, Theo!” I heard Tiny Man yell.

“You stay the fuck out of this!” Gwen said, pointing the knife at the big guy who had taken a step toward her.

“I’d listen to her, Theo. Gwen has a way with… Holy shit, total brain fart here. ” I said before yelling over my shoulder, “Hey, Tiny Man! What’s the word for when someone kills you until you’re dead and then keeps killing you?”

“Shut up, Henry,” she said as she reached down and cut the tape holding my hands together, “Get yourself out of the tape while I have a talk with these assholes.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have a fresh pair of underwear and pants in the car would you?” I asked as she turned around to face the big guy. “Can you go easy on them? I think they were nice-”

“Henry!” Gwen snapped.

“Alright, alright, I’ll look for myself,” I said as the tape came off my ankles and I stood up and shifted uncomfortably. “It’s been fun, Tiny Man, but I’ve got some new pants to find…”

To be continued…

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