Write One Page Per Day – 247/365 – September 4, 2018

continued from September 3, 2018

I walked to the Jeep and opened the back door. The duffle-bags Gwen kept usually had some clothing in it, being in her usual line of work.

The first had a wide array of weaponry, but I wasn’t exactly looking for a good time at the moment, so I rezipped it and tossed it over the seat. The second looked like a hooker starter kit. Tight leather skirt, choker, stiletto heels, and the like. I paused when I saw the skirt, wondering if her hips were wide enough for it to fit me, I set the bag aside and reached for the next.

The phone in my pocket rang as I grabbed the third zipper.

“Hello?” I answered, holding the phone in my shoulder while I undid my pants.

“Is this Henry Carter?” the man on the other side asked.

“Yes, sir. How can I help you?” I replied as I removed my pants and underwear.

“My name is Jacob Greely. I have a job for you if you’re up for some work,” he said.

“Hold on, let me ask Gwen if we’re open to some work…” I said setting the phone on the seat before walking around the door, “Gwen! Are we taking work right now?”

Gwen looked up from the back of the big guy as she pulled her knife through the back of his neck, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Put some pants on, no one wants to see that!”

“I was in the process of it when this guy called, he said it pays well if we’ll take the job,” I replied.

Gwen stood up and turned to Tiny Man whose face was stark white. I could see the sweat running down his forehead

“It’s just a penis, Tiny Man, there’s no reason to look so concerned.” I called out to him, “What do you think, Gwen?”

“Tell him to meet us at the Cafe in two-no three-hours, I’ve got to finish up here first,” she said as Tiny Man ran into the house.

I nodded and walked back around the side of the car.

“Yeah, want to meet us at Cafe Local in three hours?” I said into the phone.

“See you then.”

The line went dead, and I opened the last duffle, revealing some bedding… “Damn it,” I muttered as I reached for the hooker starter kit. “I guess this will have to do.”

I put on the skirt and stiletto heels, which were surprisingly comfortable I’ll admit. I looked in the mirror for a moment, decided that my shirt didn’t go with the outfit, so I put on the rest of it. Otherwise, I would be running around naked, and Gwen would likely stab me if I didn’t get dressed.

I threw my piss covered pants away from the car and closed it up, twisting my ankle in the process.

“Damn these heels…” I said looking down.

To be continued…

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