Write One Page Per Day – 248/365 – September 5, 2018

continued from September 4, 2018

It took me a few laps around the Jeep to really get a handle on walking in the heels, but by the time I was walking toward the little cabin I was strutting my stuff and making it work. Swinging my hips really made all the difference in the world.

“Are you still alive, Tiny Man?” I called through the house as I opened the door.

The sound of screams from the basement told me that Gwen had caught up to him and was probably using the things he had threated to use on me. My stomach growled helping me realize that the men had taken me before I had had the chance to eat lunch.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge as the screaming stopped. There was a pack of sandwich meat and cheese on the bottom shelf in the back.

“Perfect!” I said as I tried to squat. The leather skirt kept my thighs perfectly together, and the stilettos made balance neigh impossible. I shook my head and bent over, reaching awkwardly around the shelf food.

“Oh. My. God…” I heard Gwen say from behind me. “Tuck your balls back in and let’s get out of here so you can get out of my skirt-wait. Are you wearing my heels too?”

My hand closed in the sandwich fixings, and I straightened up, “I was out of options. Do you want a sandwich?”

Gwen shook her head and walked toward the door. I could hear her mutter something about ‘Fucking Idiots’ on her way.

“I agree with you!” I bellowed as I pulled a loaf of bread from the counter and followed her, “Those guys were idiots. I can’t believe they didn’t have spare pants for me.”

I twisted my ankle stepping out on the porch and limped my way down to the Jeep.

“What?” I asked when I climbed in with the food and saw Gwen stone-facing me. “I’m hungry…”

Gwen shook her head and began the trip back to the city in silence.

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