Write One Page Per Day – 250/365 – September 7, 2018

Writing Practice – Within a Dream

Sam heard the gun go off for the third time that day. Twice he had needed to clean up their mess. Twice he had needed to pick up a body where there should have been a man. He could feel his anger and frustration building in him as he ran toward the sound of the motorcycles.

He saw the man from more than a block away as his legs burned and his lungs screamed. The man was still moving when he reached him. Struggling for air as Sam applied pressure to the blood covered hole on the right side of the man’s chest and pulled his cell phone to call 9-1-1.

“You’ll be okay, man,” he muttered as he hit send.

For the next minute, he followed directions given to him by the operator. For the next minute, he felt as though he may be able to save one of them. Until he felt the man under his hands go limp and stopped trying to breathe.

Tears were for the first, anger for the second, this one was just numbness and a knowing. The sound of motorcycles approaching was Sam’s signal as he rose to his feet and stared down the leader of the gang.

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